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.45 ACP Buffer - 8.5 ounces - $85

.45 ACP Buffer + Wolff XP Spring


.45 ACP Buffer Only


This buffer will help prevent receiver damage that is often caused by .45 ACP kits.

The .45 ACP buffer is much heavier and longer than .223 carbine buffers - Resulting in smooth, reliable function and less felt recoil.

We recommend Wolff XP carbine buffer springs for maximum reliability.


This buffer is for carbine-length stocks only, the spacer below is required for use with rifle-length stocks. This configuration also works best with a Wolff XP carbine buffer spring.



Carbine-Rifle Buffer Spacer - $15


This product allows you to use a carbine-length buffer and spring in a rifle-length stock/receiver extension. For AR15 applications only.



Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.