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.45 ACP Buffer - 8.5 ounces - $85

.45 ACP Buffer + Wolff XP Spring


.45 ACP Buffer Only


This buffer will help prevent damage caused by .45 ACP conversions. Specifically designed to be used in CavArms & ArmaLite/Eagle Arms Poly 15 lowers. Excellent results are also achieved with the new aluminum .45 lower receivers.

The .45 ACP buffer is much heavier and longer than .223 carbine buffers - Resulting in smooth, reliable function and less felt recoil.

I recommend Wolff XP buffer springs for maximum reliability.


This buffer is for carbine-length stocks only, the spacer below is required for use with rifle-length stocks. When used with a spacer you'll need a carbine buffer spring.



Carbine-Rifle Buffer Spacer - $15


This product allows you to use a carbine-length buffer and spring in a rifle-length stock/receiver extension. For AR15 applications only.



Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.