Products / 9Q-T AR15 Carbine Buffer

9Q-T Buffer - 12 ounces - $130

9Q-T Buffer + Wolff XP Spring

9Q-T Buffer Only

9Q-T Extra Weight Kit - $20

The 9Q-T buffer works great in all pistol caliber SBRs and helps eliminate bolt bounce in full-auto guns.

This buffer was designed specifically for suppressed guns. It weighs more than twice as much as standard OEM 9mm carbine buffers.

We manufacture the heaviest 9mm buffers available anywhere. Increasing buffer mass has many benefits:

  • Rearward movement of the bolt (and thus extraction) is slightly delayed.  This fraction of a second allows the brass to 'shrink' back to it's normal size, greatly reducing stress on the extractor and brass damage (important for those that reload their ammo).  
  • Rate of fire is generally reduced 15-25% or more. It's impossible to accurately predict ROF because of all the variables, but a 9Q-T will definitely slow down your runaway train.
  • Less gas blow-back and chamber noise.
  • Smoother function, less felt recoil.

9Q-T Heavy Buffers are made of 303 Stainless Steel and filled with solid Tungsten weights.  Our buffers don't have messy powder or fluids inside that can leak and make a mess inside your gun.

The optional Adjustable Weight Kit allows the user to custom 'tune' a 9Q-T buffer to a specifc gun/ammo combination. This kit allows for a range from 5.5 oz up to 12.5 oz total weight. Available only with purchase of a 9Q-T buffer.

We suggest using Wolff XP buffer springs for maximum reliability. Flat wire springs are not recommended.

This buffer is for carbine-length stocks only, the spacer below is required for use with rifle-length stocks. When used with a spacer you'll need a carbine buffer spring.

Note: We cannot guarantee proper function with subsonic ammo. There are significant differences in specifications among the various brands of ammo and firearms manufacturers. Some guns will run great with almost any ammo, other guns may not function reliably with any subsonics. This is all beyond our control.


Carbine-Rifle Buffer Spacer - $15


This product allows you to use a carbine-length buffer and spring in a rifle-length stock/receiver extension. For AR15 applications only.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.