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Maxim CQB-9 Buffer

Extra Heavy Buffer for Maxim CQB Stocks


For Pistol Caliber Carbines ONLY!

CQB-9 H Buffer & Spring - 5 oz - $125

CQB-9 XH Buffer & Spring - 6.5 oz - $145

CQB-9 XXH Buffer & Spring - 7.25 oz - $175

CQB-9 Buffer Spring Only - $15

CQB-9 buffers and springs are designed to work only in the Maxim Defense CQB Stock System.

The additional mass helps reduce felt recoil and makes your gun operate more smoothly.
Should be considered mandatory for anyone shooting hot handloads or using a suppressor.

We machine these from 303 Stainless Steel and also use a Stainless Steel roll pin for a lifetime of trouble-free performance.
The head is polished for an extra smooth finish that won't cause damage to your buffer tube.
Tungsten weights inside for maximum mass.

Please Note: I strongly recommend using the custom spring listed here with these buffers. Some standard OEM and aftermarket springs from other manufacturers will cause issues. 'Flat-Wire' springs are not recommended in any case.

You MUST use these buffers in a Maxim CQB receiver extension, and only in pistol caliber carbines.
Attempting to use these buffers in an A2 (rifle) or standard carbine receiver extension will result in damage/injury/mayhem!!!



These products are designed specifically to complement the Maxim Defense CQB Stock System.
All buffers are manufactured in the USA by Heavy Buffers, not affiliated in any way with Maxim Defense.

Note: We cannot guarantee proper function with subsonic ammo. There are significant differences in specifications among the various brands of ammo and firearms manufacturers. Some guns will run great with almost any ammo, other guns may not function reliably with any subsonics. This is all beyond our control.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.