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9mm-Q Buffer - 8.5 ounces - $65

9mm-Q Buffer + Wolff XP Spring

9mm-Q Buffer Only

The 9-Q is the original extended length heavy 9mm buffer, engineered from scratch, not a cheap knock-off. Field tested and proven for over ten years.

I developed the 9mm "Q" Buffer in response to a customer who was having a problem with broken bolt catches on his Colt 9mm rig. He was already using a special (and more expensive) buffer from a large Colt distributor, and his gun was still breaking bolt catches on a regular basis. We isolated the problem and designed this buffer to correct a flaw in the Colt setup.

With Colt 9mm bolt catches running $20+ each, a Q Buffer is cheap insurance against future problems. How many broken catches have you replaced already?

I manufacture the heaviest 9mm buffers available anywhere. There are several side benefits - Smoother function, less felt recoil and reduced rate of fire. 9Q buffers are constructed of 303 Stainless Steel. The 9-Q Buffer has no moving parts to break and no fluids to leak.

The 9-Q Buffer was specifically designed and tested for use with Colt uppers and it has been successfully used in virtually every other brand. Any 9mm AR can benefit from installing a Q buffer. I recommend Wolff XP buffer springs for maximum reliability.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE OLYMPIC GLOCK MAGAZINE SYSTEM. For those guns I recommend an HSS Tungsten Buffer. This applies only to the Olympic system, 9Q buffers work great in the DDLES & QC10 Glock lowers, as well as many others too numerous to list.

This buffer is for carbine-length stocks only, the spacer below is required for use with rifle-length stocks. When used with a spacer you'll need a carbine buffer spring.

Also available for suppressed weapons: 9Q-T Tungsten Buffer

Note: We cannot guarantee proper function with subsonic ammo. There are significant differences in specifications among the various brands of ammo and firearms manufacturers. Some guns will run great with almost any ammo, other guns may not function reliably with any subsonics. This is all beyond our control.


Carbine-Rifle Buffer Spacer - $15


This product allows you to use a carbine-length buffer and spring in a rifle-length stock/receiver extension. For AR15 applications only.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.