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CAR-10 Buffer - 5.5 ounces - $100

CAR-10 Buffer + .308 Carbine Buffer Spring


CAR-10 Buffer Only


A CAR-10 buffer will allow you to use any AR15 collapsing stock (Magpul/LMT/VLTOR/Ace/etc) on your AR10, SR25, LMT, LWRC, POF or DPMS-pattern .308 rifle. Standard carbine length stocks cannot be used on these rifles with regular carbine buffers. This is strictly a 'Drop-In' part, no gunsmithing or modifications are required.

This product is specifically recommended by Magpul for use with their carbine stocks on .308 ARs. (Call them!) CAR-10 buffers also work great with any other stock using a standard 7" carbine buffer tube.

CAR-10 buffers are shorter and heavier than standard carbine buffers. Constructed of 303 Stainless Steel with a sliding Tungsten anti-bounce counterweight. Heavy buffers reduce felt recoil for the shooter, and minimize wear and tear on the gun. Some users have reported that the CAR-10 buffer significantly increased the reliability of their firearms.

I recommend using .308 Carbine Buffer Springs with these buffers. I have these springs manufactured specifically for use with my buffers. OEM springs from other manufacturers or aftermarket springs may cause malfunctions. 'Flat-Wire' springs are not recommended for any application.

Note: Not compatible with .223 ARs. This buffer is designed for use in .308 ARs with a 7" receiver extension (buffer tube). If you have an ArmaLite/VLTOR extended length tube (7-3/4") please see the XH Carbine Buffer


CAR-10 XH Buffer - 6.5 ounces - $125

CAR-10 XH Buffer + .308 Carbine Buffer Spring




CAR-10 XH Buffer Only



Extra-Heavy model for suppressed weapons, or for maximum recoil reduction in non-suppressed guns.

Includes a Stainless Steel roll pin for a lifetime of trouble-free performance. The head is hand polished for an extra smooth finish that won't cause damage to your buffer tube.

I strongly recommend this buffer if any of the following conditions apply:

  • If you will be shooting with a suppressor. (Your gun will still run fine unsuppressed with standard ammunition.)
  • If you will be shooting hot handloads or very heavy bullets.
  • If you want maximum recoil reduction.



For .308 ARs with Extended Receiver Extensions:

XH Carbine Buffer (8.5 oz) w/.308R Buffer Spring - $140

XH Carbine Buffer + .308 Rifle Spring


If you have an extended (7-5/8" deep) receiver extension on your gun I recommend an XH carbine buffer and a .308 rifle buffer spring. This includes VLTOR A5 tubes and the Magpul UBR Gen2 stock. Many .308 rifles come from the factory in this configuration - LMT, S&W, LaRue, POF, etc.

If you have any doubt measure your current buffer or check the inside depth of your buffer tube. If your buffer is 3-1/4" long and your tube is 7-5/8" deep this is the best buffer/spring combo for your gun.

DO NOT USE A CAR-10 buffer in any gun an A5 buffer tube! Damage/injury/mayhem will result.

Email us before ordering if you have any questions.

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RRA .308 Carbine Buffer




Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.