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XH Carbine Buffer (8.5 oz) w/.308 Rifle Buffer Spring - $140

XH Carbine Buffer + .308 Rifle Spring

If you have an extended (7-5/8" deep) receiver extension on your .308 AR I recommend an XH carbine buffer and a .308 rifle buffer spring.

This includes VLTOR A5 tubes and the Magpul UBR Gen2 stock. Many .308 rifles come from the factory in this configuration - LMT, S&W, LaRue, POF, etc.

If you have any doubt please measure your current buffer and check the inside depth of your buffer tube. If your buffer is 3-1/4" long and your tube is 7-5/8" deep this is the best buffer/spring combo for your gun.

DO NOT USE an XH Carbine Buffer in any gun with a standard AR-15 carbine buffer tube! Damage/injury/mayhem will result.

Email us before ordering if you have any questions.

A5 Buffer Tube

A5 Buffer Tube Kit - 7 5/8" - $75


  • A5-Length Extended Carbine Buffer Tube
  • MILSPEC Diameter, 5-Position
  • Made in USA
  • Includes Nut and Lock Plate
  • Use only with A5 Buffers for 5.56mm and other Small-Frame ARs
  • Use with XH Carbine Buffer for .308s and other Large-Frame ARs

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.